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ETT Analysis Spreadsheet

Employee timetables are issued for the benefit of the railroad's employees.  They detail the property and special rules of the railroad's operating divisions.   The following list gives some examples of the type of data found in them:

Stations, their numbers & equipment
Sidings, yards and their capacity
Grade crossings & signals
Spring switches & interlockings
Radio frequencies
Train speeds
Operation of the California Zephyr
Doctors and surgeons
Tonnage ratings
Freight and passenger schedules
Special operating rules

Special operating rules are used in conjunction with the rule books of the railroad's operating department.  The special operating rules expand on the operating department's rules and apply them to any specific situations for the division/subdivision they cover.  For example, the D&RGW issued special operating rules for the Moffat Tunnel, the various helper districts, the AT&SF/D&RGW Joint Line, among others.  The special operating rules typically make up a sizeable portion of an ETT and are a valuable source of division-specific operating information.

Information provided in ETTs is also a good source of prototype modeling data.  Used in conjunction with Grade & Alignment Charts and other sources of data, it is possible to produce a close-to-prototype model of a particular section of trackage, and its operations.

I've included ETTs for the D&RGW, as well as some other associated railroads.  The Denver & Salt Lake Railway was acquired by the D&RGW and eventually became the mainline west from Denver.  Utah Railway owns and has trackage rights on the mainline from Martin (Utah Ry Junction) to Provo.  Uintah Railway was a captive short line which transloaded gilsonite with the D&RGW at Mack, Colorado.

Notes:  This ETT site addition turned out to be a 'bit' larger than I anticipated, so per Murphy I expect some bad links, malformed GIFs, and such.   Also, I'm no historian, just a pack-rat with a scanner, so if I've told any lies about the D&RGW, let me know.  You can reach me on the Yahoo D&RGW list. 

Thanks go to Jim Eager and Martin Goller for providing additional material which has either been scanned and posted, or used as reference information.

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