This site contains images and charts of various technical, operational and engineering items from the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.  The following items are currently available for your viewing enjoyment:
Trackage Charts

Grade and Alignment Charts Small scale charts covering the majority of the D&RGW system, circa 1970, 1984, 1989.
Joint Trackage Books D&RGW Industry Trackage books.
MOW Charts

Maintenance of Way Books D&RGW MOW track and structure books.

Employee Timetables Timetables issued for the use of the railroad employees.
Condensed Freight Schedules  Small train schedule booklets issued to shippers..
Passenger Timetables  Public schedules for D&RGW passenger trains.

Equipment Summaries Condensed summaries of revenue & non-revenue rolling stock, and steam and diesel locomotives

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Also - Please check out the Rio Grande Modeling and Historical Society!

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